Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bayern Munich 'bomb' signing is a publicity stunt


The Bavarians announced on their official website that they were set to announce a big-name transfer, but it turned out to be a hoax.

A report on the Bavarians' official website revealed the club had secured the transfer of a 'bomb' striker, to be revealed at a press conference at 14.00 CET. However, the report was nothing more than a publicity stunt.
The club encouraged fans to watch the press conference via Facebook, but when the time came for the announcement, an envelope opened with the profile picture of the user viewing the stream.

"There will be a spectacular signing for the attack," Christian Nerlinger had said on the official Bayern website.

Later, the club released a statement, explaining that the purpose of the act was to underline the importance of supporters to the club. 

"Dear fans, of course you've all noticed it already: The video of the press conferen wasn't completely serious, but a little fun for our fans on Facebook, where our fans are the focus.

After a brief period in which the club's website was offline, the club announced:

"Every single FCB fan is the 'spectacular new signing,' our 12th man!"

Earlier in January, Bayern president Uli Hoeness announced that his side were targeting 'a real bomb' for the attack. Whether the club will eventually target a striker remains unclear.

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