Friday, 22 June 2012

Germany too good for Greece


Ozil and Podolski

Germany will win this game because they have too much offensive potential - a goal can come from everywhere.
I think that Lukas Podolski works very well for the team - he does a fantastic team job. He played a little bit cautiously against Denmark but he scored a great goal for his 100th cap. I am very happy with what I have seen from him.
Greece are a surprise: they already deserve a gold medal to be where they are because they have done exceptionally well. I fear that Germany will be too strong for them.
Germany can still improve defensively because now the level goes up and you are punished for every mistake. I agree completely with Joachim Loew when he said "they have matured" but they are also less fresh in their approach. They play with more pressure on their shoulders.
They were surprising in South Africa because they played completely spontaneous football. Now, they play a bit more with the handbrake, more controlled because they have more pressure.
They play like a real team: you can feel there is a unity there and that improves their game. They have played a bit less crazy and a bit more controlled than they did in South Africa. They will be dangerous; they will be the team that along with Spain are the favourites to win this tournament.
For Greece, 2004 was special because they won the tournament. It will be a historic achievement for them forever but for me, a country like Greece being in the quarter-finals is already above expectations.
If you look at them in the last 20 games, they haven't lost many. You don't expect a lot from Greece but they surprise you, they showed absolutely fantastic resilience against Russia in the second half. They were tired and they refused to give in - this is a massive quality in this tournament that I respect highly.
Greece will play without Giorgos Karagounis. He didn't only fail to get the penalty in the last game against Russia, but on top of that he got a yellow card for diving. Because of the yellow card he cannot play against Germany and I think that is absolutely not justified.
I can understand that the referee can make this decision because it is difficult to decide in a fraction of second, but when you could use the video evidence as well after the game, why punish a player if he did nothing wrong? He should be allowed to play.
By Eurosport | Arsene Wenger

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