Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Return to Barcelona interests Chelsea midfielder Oriol Romeu


Ori Romeu

Following reports that Barcelona were considering activating the buy-back clause in his contract, Chelsea midfielder Oriol Romeu has admitted that he would not be able to turn down a chance to return to his former club.
“If [Barcelona coach] Tito Vilanova wants me there, I would talk to him and discuss it with him. If they want me to enjoy my football and show some confidence in me, then onwards and upwards,” he told Catalan paper Sport.
“Returning to Barcelona is an option but it depends on many things, because I want to play. I’ve always felt like a big Barcelona supporter, I am very grateful to FC Barcelona and it’s thanks to them that I am where I am.
“I wanted to play more and Chelsea showed confidence in me, but if FC Barcelona want you to play, well…”
The midfielder said that he would even be willing to move back into the centre of defence if it would make him a more appealing prospect to Tito Vilanova.
“It’s been a long time since I played as a central defender but it’s all the same for me to play in that position as in midfield. What I want is to play and I’m willing to play in whatever position.”
The Chelsea man does not think that Barcelona were washing their hands of him when they sold him. Instead, that they wanted him to have a chance to play first team football and see how he developed, which was why they included the buy-back clause.
“They have the option to buy me back, I left knowing I had that option, and if they still have confidence in me, as they showed by leaving the option open, then they should let me know.”
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