Friday, 16 August 2013

All out for Bale


Gareth Bale
The Bale soap-opera appears to be heading towards its final episode. The conversation that Daniel Levy has scheduled for today with the Welshman could prove decisive.
With 48 hours left until the opening day of the Premier League campaign, Levy does not want to prolong what is an uncomfortable situation for all parties involved. The Spurs chairman has already accepted that Bale is leaving for Real Madrid and that the player's decision is final.
Real Madrid is also keen to strike a deal sooner rather than later. Even though Florentino tabled a big-money £85m (€97.8m) offer two weeks ago, to be paid over four years, Levy still insists on a one-off payment.
In an attempt to break the deadlock, Real is prepared to increase its offer by £15m, taking it to a record £100m, more than €117m. The transfer fee would be paid in six annual instalments, which would not only allow Real to pay off the transfer over the six years of the contract it will offer Bale, but would also be an advantage for budgetary and accountancy reasons.
The ball is now in Levy's court. The Tottenham chairman must decide whether he prefers to boast a record transfer fee which would be difficult to beat in the future or whether he prefers to receive the transfer fee as a one-off cash payment.

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