Saturday, 17 August 2013

Monaco tax issue could put Man City and Chelsea target Radamel Falcao back on the market


CHELSEA could be tempted to swoop back in for Radamel Falcao as Monaco are at risk of selling their prize asset.

The principality club who were promoted to Ligue 1 after being crowned champions of Ligue 2 last season are at odds with the French footballing authorities over tax laws.
Monaco splashed out £51m on Falcao this summer as they made a statement of intent.
But thé nouveaux-riche side are at risk of having to offload their prize asset or they may have to pay a £75m fine.
Currently, Falcao is getting a massive tax-free salary, a luxury that hasn't been afforded to the other Ligue 1 outfits.
French journalist Cyrille Haddouche, who works for Le Figaro paper, was quoted by the BBC, as saying: "The advantage is huge in being able to convince huge players like Falcao to move to the club.
"So the tax advantage that Monaco is considered as unfair [by the clubs], especially in a period of economic difficulties for all clubs except Paris Saint-Germain.
"For example, former winners of the league, Lyon and Lille, must now sell players in order to reach break even."
Monaco have sinced move to deny that Falcao will need to be sold, saying on their offical Twitter account: "The club categorically deny rumours about a sale of Falcao.

"As a reminder, the Colombian attacker has signed with ASMFC for five years."
However, that position could still be subject to change if the French football authorities take a hard line over Monaco's unfair financial advantage.

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