Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Rodgers stands ground over Suarez

Luis Suarez is refusing to apologise to Liverpool for trying to seal a move to Arsenal
Brendan Rodgers insists there will be no resolution to Liverpool's rift with Luis Suarez as long as the striker refuses to apologise.
Suarez, who has been trying to engineer a summer transfer to Arsenal, has no intention of saying sorry to his manager or the club, over perceived broken promises to allow him to leave Anfield if Liverpool failed to reach this season's Champions League.
Rodgers is adamant no such promise was made and has publicly told Suarez he must show some contrition for what he feels is an attitude of "total disrespect" towards Liverpool. John W. Henry, the principle owner of the club, has stated he is "unequivocal" about not allowing Suarez to leave.
The escalating stand-off has seen Suarez banished to training alone at Melwood. And though he is hoping for a positive outcome to the situation, Rodgers is digging his heels in.
"It is something that we have to do everything we can to fix," Rodgers told the club's website.
"There has been a lot said and a lot reported, and we have made a stance, as a club and as a manager, of the commitment and the standards required.
"If you don't have that commitment, and those standards, then you won't play. It's as simple as that.
"If we have got to sit and wait, then so be it. But this is a club that has got great values, and we hope that the situation can be resolved amicably, and I am sure it will be.
"There's no problem between me and him, it is quite calm. But obviously I have got to respect the club and the team.
"It doesn't matter who you are, if they're not pulling their weight then they are letting down the club, the city and everyone who has stood by them.
"So until I get that assurance that we are going to get nothing but 100% commitment, then there will be no solution."


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