Wednesday, 4 December 2013

David Luiz for €65m Madrid star

It's a no brainer when it comes to the idea that's currently being waved under Jose Mourinho's nose.
Luiz doesn't cut it as a Chelsea star. (©GettyImages)
Luiz doesn't cut it as a Chelsea star. (©GettyImages)
It's not unusual for two high-profile clubs to find themselves in a situation where they both want one another's players in the build up to a transfer window.
However it is an infrequent circumstance when both of the players involved have similar levels of notoriety and repute, and happen to play in the very same position.
And it seems to be this sort of intriguing predicament that is currently surrounding Chelsea and Real Madrid. Allow me to refine that; David Luiz and Sergio Ramos.
Speculation in the last few days has surfaced surrounding the interest of Chelsea in Madrid's long-serving centre-back, and vice-versa Los Blancos fancying the west London outfit's enigmatic and frankly erratic Brazilian star.
Nine times out of ten in stand-offs such as these, where neither club is usually willing to offer even an inclination that they are willing to let their man leave, the safer option for managers is to hold on to what you have and wait until a suitable replacement comes from an alternative source.
However in this particular instance it's my opinion that Jose Mourinho- and the financial powers that be at Chelsea- should actively go out of their way to bring in Sergio Ramos and subsequently ship out Luiz.
When the latter of those two individuals arrived at Stamford Bridge in 2011 it was to a fanfare of smug Blues fans heralding the latest product out of Brazil who would deliver the flair and showmanship associated with his country to the Premier League.
Sadly his impact has been a slightly less celebrated notion and it's transpired that he's really not fit for the physicality and discipline needed to cope in the world's toughest league.
He may be valued at around €35million but Luiz's stock is falling fast in England and, with Mourinho searching under every nook and cranny to find a long-term replacement for John Terry, it looks as though his days may be numbered.
Coincidentally Sergio Ramos is experiencing similar woes at Real. Despite his claims that he loves the club and Carlo Ancelotti's desire to retain the well-decorated Spaniard, president Florentino Perez is less than happy with his discipline on the pitch and has even gone as far as to stick a monetary value on the stand-in skipper.
And while €65 million may be a fee that falls into the realms of the downright preposterous, Perez doesn't make idle threats- nor does he usually back a player after publicly criticising him.
Ramos may not have the best relationship with Jose Mourinho, deriving from the latter's acrimonious departure from his previous post, but that's unlikely to stop the Special One from bringing in a centre-back who he feels will be able to give his squad an advantage in the race for the English title.
It would come as a great surprise if Mourinho hadn't already assessed his options concerning January additions, but in my opinion the Luiz departure/ Ramos purchase is one that should be at the vert forefront of his mind.
Luiz is far more suited to the attack-minded game of La Liga, whilst Ramos comes will level-headed experience and a great reputation as a versatile defender. Regardless of who makes the first move, the Special One could further enhance his already impressive transfer record by pulling off this coup. 
A faulty star out and a world-class one in- it has Mourinho written all over it.

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