Friday, 14 March 2014

Moyes and United in danger of being humiliated by Liverpool

David Moyes vs. Brendan Rodgers

On all given form, Liverpool will go to Old Trafford on Sunday with real confidence.
This high-tempo game of Brendan Rodgers' side is causing teams so many problems, and Manchester United will be aware of the threat their old rivals will provide this time.
It is always a big ask to go to Old Trafford and win despite United being very poor in so many games this season.
I think Joe Allen will be involved again from the start for Liverpool in midfield, like he was at Southampton.
You can't guarantee you will always play your best, but I think Brendan will want to make sure Liverpool are in the game even if they are not at their best.
I think he quite likes the impact that Raheem Sterling made when he came on at Southampton. I'd be surprised if he doesn't opt for the same sort of starting line-up here.
They will be aggressive, and will have a go at United because it is the only way they can really play.
This is a big, big game for both clubs. If you are a United fan, you will hope the players can find some form, some pride and some fight against their biggest rivals.
I still firmly believe a lot of Manchester United fans would rather City win the title than Liverpool.
This is a real opportunity for United's players to take some pride from a fairly forgettable season.
What United must do on Sunday is avoid getting caught playing the ball out from the back.
Everton and Arsenal were caught doing that at Anfield. They have to be aware of the dangers, but they will want to play at the other end because that is where their strength is.
Their better players are in attack, but it is just a question if they can get enough ball to them during the afternoon.
This match has the potential to harvest a few goals because neither side can really afford to sit back. Neither are they very comfortable doing so.
There is no reason to suggest there won't be goals in this.
It really is a nightmare game for United. They face Liverpool and City at home, and they know those two teams are capable of running up a big score against them.
There is much more than just a defeat looming for United if they do not play well. Liverpool showed at Spurs and Southampton that they are more than capable of piling the goals on.
Sturridge and Sterling
It is the same with City. If Liverpool get it right and United don't, they could really hurt them.
March is a potentially horrendous month for United, and they will be well aware of that. The last thing they want is to suffer an embarrassing defeat to a Liverpool side chasing the Premier League title.
City went to Old Trafford, and won 6-1 a few years ago. The pace and the movement of Liverpool is the real danger. I'm not sure United have enough legs and pace all over the park to cope on Sunday.
Having said that, Liverpool have to play well. They will come to Old Trafford hopeful it will become a running match.
Liverpool want to stretch the pitch and make it big. Old Trafford will suit Liverpool if they are on form.
Does David Moyes still have the backing of that United dressing room? These are the type of occasions that will give you the answer loud and clear.
This must be the one game where you leave nothing in the dressing room. It might well be the case that United give all they've got, play well and still lose.
I think they could live with that. They can't afford to surrender like they did against Olympiakos in Athens in the Champions League. They need to show character.
There has always been animosity between the two sets of fans. Even when I played in those matches.
Back then, United were no threat to us winning the title, but this was still the game for them to raise the roof.
And United used to produce a performance full of everything against us which is what the home fans are going to be looking for on Sunday.
There is no guarantee you will play well, but you have to give everything. The fans demand it.
It would be some message to send to Chelsea and City if Liverpool can win this match because three points from United would leave them right back in the hunt.
Liverpool have just got better and better this season. They are enjoying their football. Liverpool aren't feeling the pressure.
All they can do is to continue churning out highly impressive performances.
I suspect Liverpool will win it. I'm not sure United have enough fight to overcome Liverpool.
They are not in good form. And they will surely need to find something else to get a positive result from it.
Liverpool have had time to prepare, and will have worked hard on what the weaknesses are in that United side.
People should also never underestimate the psychological effect of football. Liverpool will go there with no fear.
Jones and Rooney
There is no brick wall to be faced. They are not running into Nemanja Vidic or Rio Ferdinand at their peak.
A lot of things are different in football these days. The bigger picture is for Liverpool to stay right in the hunt for the Premier League.
I think the first 10 minutes are very important. United know what qualities Liverpool possess, and if they show them off early on, it will leave United with questions to answer.

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