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Bayern Munich 0 Real Madrid 4: German and Spanish papers react after Pep Guardiola's men are 'given a bath'


Real Madrid are in the Champions League final again, 12 years on. This is their prize for pulverising Bayern in the semis

'Shipwreck' blared the splash on Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo. 'Schadenfreude ist der beste freude' as the Germans would say.

"Madrid crushes Bayern and will go to the final in Lisbon" it continued as the full reality of Bayern Munich's drubbing at the hands of Carlo Ancelotti's rampant Real Madrid hit the breakfast tables and tablets of football fans across Europe.

"Bayern was a toy in the hands of Real Madrid after 20 minutes and won 0-4 with two goals from Sergio Ramos kicks. That score was the palpable proof of the superiority of Ancelotti.

"Guardiola became obsessed with keeping the ball and not make passing mistakes, but forgot that the goal was to score and turn the tie".

Diario AS, the Spanish football daily, ran with this headline:

'Munich burns, Lisbon awaits'

"Two Sergio Ramos headers were followed by a CR7 brace as Real Madrid produced a historic display to sweep past Bayern Munich and into the Champions League final.

"As the tango says, 'You always return to your first love', even if it’s 12 years later. Madrid’s best, just like that of MacArthur, comes when they promise to return, and do return.

"To the Champions League, of course, the old European Cup, the only tournament that quenches their thirst. That’s how to explain the happiness surrounding Real Madrid right now; they’re once again in the big final."

The writer continued with a withering attack on tiki-taka, the philosophy of ball possession which worked so well for Guardiola at Barcelona – for a time.

"It’s an unavoidable thought: maybe Barcelona’s crisis is at the same time Guardiola’s crisis, even if they are separated by a distance of a thousand kilometres.

"The crisis of a style that has been trampled over by another more ‘athletic’ one, to use the adjective he plumped for.

"It’s true that Pep’s Bayern won the Bundesliga on 25 March, but it’s no less true that last season another Bayern, that of Jupp Heynckes, added every trophy up for grabs to the title."

Spain's biggest selling sports daily Marca was also understandably effusive about Real Madrid's annihilation of Bayern.

'Worst thrashing in history!'

Boasted the front-page.

'Madrid set a fire'

It continued: The Whites are just 90 minutes away from their long-awaited 'Décima'.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, president of Bayern Munich's Board of Directors, had promised 'an inferno' would await Madrid at the Allianz Arena but, as lead says:

"The trees were cut down to burn Real Madrid. They were meant to singe, but the ashes were ultimately those of the European champions.

"Bayern was hit by a tunnel boring machine that swept away everything that came their way."

Following the defeat Rummenigge said: "it is better not to say anything. The opposition clearly dominated us, it was a fiasco."

However he did defend Pep Guardiola's project: "We have a very competent coach, we conceded defeat and it's painful but that doesn't mean we have to start questioning everything".

"I must say Real Madrid played beautifully", he added.

In Germany the mood was sombre this morning. In Munich the Bavarian broadsheet Süddeutsche Zeitung tried to pick over the causes of such a heavy defeat.

'Chance lost against the white Beasts'

"The double-triple dream is over. Bayern Munich are dumped out of the Champions League in one of the most frustrating evenings the club's history.

"The coach, respected worldwide for his ideas, stood motionless on the sidelines, hands in his pockets, his eyebrows narrowed. He saw well that he could not do nothing more to change the outcome. Because Carlo Ancelotti had made all the right decisions.

"Bayern had the ball often, but hardly any chances. Guardiola adjusted formation only slightly (in the second leg).

"He wanted to demonstrate that he had chosen the right strategy in the first leg. It was a statement of conviction in Bayern's own ideas, in their superior value.

"Guardiola was wrong."

'Munich's shame'

Frankfurter Allgemeine praised the Spaniards but stuck the boot into Bayern and Guardiola.

"In the end it was a historic day for the most famous football club in the world: Real's first win in Munich and the heaviest home defeat Bayern have ever suffered in the European Cup.

"The way the team has lost its previously outstanding form over the last four weeks of the championship which it won in record time, and last night's clear humiliation by a stronger class of opponents, will now raise doubts about Guardiola, especially if he loses the second of the three titles, in the Cup final against Borussia Dortmund in two and a half weeks."
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