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Top 10 mistakes David Moyes made at Man Utd

David Moyes
David Moyes was sacked by Manchester United on Tuesday, paying the price for a disastrous first season in charge at Old Trafford following Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement at the end of last season.
Where did it all go wrong for Moyes? Here are the 10 biggest mistakes he made during his time at the club:

1. Letting the previous coaching staff leave

It’s all well and good bringing in your own tried and trusted backroom team, but the likes of Rene Meulensteen in particular was very highly regarded at the Carrington training complex. Admittedly, Ryan Giggs and Phil Neville are United men through and through on Moyes’ staff but Meulensteen and Mike Phelan would have provided more continuity. 

Rene Meulensteen (right) with Sir Alex Ferguson (Photo by Getty Images)
2. Targeting Cesc Fabregas

Moyes decided to make the Barcelona midfielder his No 1 priority in the summer transfer window, but from the outset it looked like a non-starter. Much time and other potential signings were lost as a result.

3. Paying £27.5million for Marouane Fellaini

If Fellaini was a player Moyes really wanted, why not pay the going rate before the season started? It would have saved the club £4million and the Belgian would have settled in earlier, rather than United having to scramble around in such an undignified way on deadline day trying to sign any midfielder they could get.

Merouane Fellaini and David Moyes
4. Playing Fellaini out of position

Many United fans have decided Fellaini is rubbish – he’s not, he’s just being played in the wrong place. He operated off the front at Everton, knocking down balls for the striker. United don’t play like that, won’t change their style just to accommodate him and instead he’s like a fish out of water as a defensive midfielder.

5. Giving Nani a new five-year contract

What on earth was that all about? The Portuguese drama queen has done nothing for two years or more to justify being rewarded with a new deal and his performances only get worse. And he’s been injured for much of the season. Please, someone offer £10million in the summer!

Nani (L) (Getty Images)
6. Too much rotation

Sir Alex Ferguson’s team line-ups were fairly predictable, but with Moyes it has resembled a lucky dip at times. He never seemed to know his best XI and that wasn’t helped by the amount of rotation that went on, with the central defensive and midfield areas being the most obvious examples.

7. Under-using Javier Hernandez

No wonder the little Mexican goal-poacher retweeted a story saying he might leave if he doesn’t get more game time. Okay, Chicharito should not start ahead of Robin van Persie or Wayne Rooney, but he is just the type of player to grab a goal when United are chasing a game. Yet he is usually given just a few minutes here and there and that’s not long enough to make the desired impact.

Javier Hernandez (R) (Getty Images)

8. Under-using/mis-using Shinji Kagawa

The Japanese star is top-drawer – not a shirt-seller like some would believe – yet Moyes appeared not to rate him. Kagawa has been stuck out on the left for most of the season, when actually given a chance, but at least Moyes’ departure means he may finally get the opportunity to fulfil his undoubted potential.

9. Ostracising Wilfried Zaha

Never mind rumours of a liaison between Zaha and Moyes’ daughter, you’d think Wilf had been caught in a compromising position with the manager’s missus for all the chances he’s had at United. Rather than give the winger any sort of proper opportunity, Moyes sent him out on loan to Cardiff – which says it all about the regard in which he was clearly held.
Manchester United manager David Moyes (right) talks with Wilfried Zaha during a training session (Getty Images)
10. Failing to acknowledge the blatantly obvious

After the loss at Everton, Moyes was far too positive about the way his team had played, claiming they had “passed the ball brilliantly” when there was no cutting edge or end product. You can’t pull the wool over people’s eyes forever – and ultimately, the clearest thing to see was that Moyes was a man out of his depth at United.

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