Monday, 20 October 2014

Liverpool transfer news: Victor Valdes won't be signing, says Brendan Rodgers

Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers says he won't be making any Spanish signings in the near future, ruling out move for Victor Valdes.
Victor Valdes has been a free agent since leaving Barcelona in the summer Photo: GETTY 
“I’ll probably improve when I work in the country one day. For most people, when they travel to a country their language becomes better. I speak to the Spanish players that we have in Spanish. I’m only 41 which is very young and there are lots of things I want to achieve here at Liverpool. It’s an incredible club and I hope to be managing here for another 20-odd years. One day hopefully it can take me to Spain and I can experience a wonderful country, culture and as I said, some wonderful football club.”

On the daunting prospect of facing the European champions, Rodgers said: “They are as strong a team now as they have been for many years. They have everything; big experience, big players, speed, technique, they have a fantastic team and a great manager in Ancelotti, a good man who works with players and who is a good person.

“They have amazing talents all over the field. The have the technique to play in small spaces and when the space opens up there is no one better on the counter-attack because in Ronaldo and Bale they have two players that could be in the Olympic 100 metres final.

“Ronaldo is an amazing player, his evolution over the last few years into becoming a goal scorer has been incredible, but the team as a whole is incredible. You have Modric, Kroos, wonderful technicians who can play short and long. I’m also a big admirer of Sergio Ramos since his young days at Sevilla. I like him a lot.”

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