Friday, 29 May 2015

Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer to Manchester United: Why CR7 is Not Leaving Real Madrid Anytime Soon

rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo is heading to Manchester United
Cristiano Ronaldo
For years there have been rumors that Cristiano Ronaldo is heading to Manchester United to make his long awaited return.

They have not ceased and this summer promises to be filled with a plethora of "Ronaldo to Manchester United" rumors.

In the most recent such bit of speculation, some purported that the team would be looking for a package deal that included Ronaldo and Gareth Bale from Real Madrid, a move that would never happen.

It might just be time to list the main reasons why Ronaldo is not going back to Manchester United anytime soon.

Scoring Record

Many claim that Ronaldo wants to be Real Madrid's all-time scorer. He is not there. Yet.

With 313 goals in his Real Madrid career, the Portuguese superstar is now 11 away from passing Raul and becoming Madrid's greatest goal scorer.

In Spain, Ronaldo had 225 goals, just three behind Raul's record in that department. Moreover, he is currently 26 goals behind Telmo Zarra for the second most goals ever in La Liga. Lionel Messi currently holds the all-time record, something Ronaldo will likely never catch, but has actually been La Liga's most proficient scorer with 1.13 goals per game; Messi averages 0.91 goals per game.

Ronaldo is not about to run off without at least being Madrid's No. 1 and being second only to Messi in the all-time goals department.

If he stays on next season, he will certainly knock all of those records out as he has scored 50 goals in each of his last five seasons. Even if he regresses, it is unlikely he scores fewer than 40 goals in all competitions for Madrid.

Peak Powers

Speaking of which, Ronaldo is coming off a 61-goal season at age 30. He might never reach that peak again, but he has been good for 50 goals in each of his last five years for Madrid. Expect him to continue being close to that prolific number or possibly even more so.

If Rafa Benitez, the expected manager for Madrid in 2015-16, continues playing Ronaldo in a more central role, then it is likely the superstar continues putting up the goal scoring numbers of this past season. No one else on the team has come close to achieving those heights and even an improvement from Bale does not guarantee that he will suddenly score 40 goals for the first time in his career. He might not even manage 30 overall.

Madrid simply would not allow its superstar scorer to suddenly leave without knowing that someone else is there to take the scoring load off of Ronaldo.

But what of Benitez?

There are some claiming that Benitez plans to make Bale the new centerpiece of his attack. But that does not mean that Ronaldo will suddenly be cast off as a supporting character. Any manager that believes that should not be coaching Real Madrid.

Assuming the reports are true, Benitez is likely looking for a means of getting the most out of Bale, not less from Ronaldo. Bale has struggled in playing out of position and putting him in a more central position would shift Ronaldo to the wing, where he has been effective for most of his career.

There is no way that Benitez is going to arrive and look to alienate the greatest scorer in the club's history.


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